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Is your workforce stressed?

​Do you have high rates of sick leave due to stress?

​Are your staff lacking engagement and motivation?

Stress at work is the number one cause of absenteeism according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.  And has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organisation.

And a healthy workplace is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but a positive state of complete physical, mental and social well-being (WHO 1986).  Training and coaching your staff to recognise, manage and work with healthy levels of stress is the focus for many organisations and that’s where Mindfulness comes in.

With the heightened interest in Mindfulness in recent years, the number of research studies of workplace Mindfulness have increased.  Studies link Mindfulness to: employee performance, leadership capability and employee wellbeing along with other findings.

As organisations are increasingly concerned with the wellbeing and engagement of employees this research becomes particularly interesting.  Employees who can recognise and respond more effectively to stress are happy and engaged, they are more likely to understand the power of their thoughts, the mind / body connection and how to manage their emotions, and are likely to be more effective and productive as a result.

My mindfulness programme is designed to be engaging and thought provoking with a mix of psychological education and practical exercises.  It enables delegates to recognise their automatic pilot and habitual ways of reacting and behaving, supports them to develop the ability to stand back from their thoughts, bringing conscious choice to their thinking, and increases self-awareness and well-being.  It also introduces basic knowledge of how the brain works.

Corporate Programmes


  • 6 week programmes of 1 hour per week

  • Conducted at your premises

  • Group sizes of 10 – 16

  • Sessions are a combination of formal practice, psychological principles and everyday mindfulness.

Overview of weekly sessions


  • Overview of weekly sessions

  • Week 1 – Focusing your attention

  • Week 2 – Observing the mind / body connection

  • Week 3 – It’s how you do it, not what you do

  • Week 4 – Relating differently to thoughts

  • Week 5 – Turning towards the difficult

  • Week 6 – Developing intention

Introductory sessions

1 – 2 hours in duration providing an overview of Mindfulness, history, principles and brief practices.

Leadership programmes Mindfulness coaching and training can be incorporated into leadership and management programmes.

Research into Mindfulness in the workplace is ongoing. Current studies point to the following benefits:

  • Recognise, slow down or stop automatic and habitual reactions

  • Respond more effectively to complex or difficult situations

  • See situations more clearly

  • Become more creative

  • Achieve balance and resilience at work

In June 2016, a number of workplace context mindfulness research studies were published:

  • 38 linked mindfulness to improved workplace performance

  • 45 linked mindfulness to improved relationships at work

  • 58 linked mindfulness to improvements in employee well-being

  • A randomised controlled trial was conducted with Dow Chemicals employees; stress decreased, mindfulness, resilience, work engagement and vigour and employee well-being increased

Mindfulness Personal Coaching

Is your inner voice your own worst enemy?

Our lives are ever busy with demands on us to be successful and accomplished at everything we do.  To achieve this our minds are constantly analysing what has been and predicting what may be. A simple reflection or plan can often take on massive proportions in our minds, occupying time and energy as we think on it and play out different scenarios.

Similarly we are affected by our minds activities on a daily basis, and where the mind goes, the body follows.  This can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, anger and so on.

Allow some calm to come into your life.

Meditation and mindfulness provide us with a moments calm, a stillness that you can achieve to provide your mind with space and time.  An opportunity to be in the present, experiencing the present and restoring your mind with a sense of tranquillity, a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’.

There is much research now that points towards meditation and mindfulness as a proven technique to calm the mind and start to recognise how to manage these automatic responses.

Working one-to-one or in small groups we will guide you through relaxation and visualisation techniques, knowledge of what is happening to our body and how to manage those responses and how to access positive resources when you need them.  The sessions will enable you to practice at home, and like any skill, improve your own technique and as a result, sense of wellbeing.

Our aim is for you to leave with an increased sense of well-being, a positive and peaceful state of mind, and a plan to help you develop your own mediation practice into a natural and easy habit.

For one-to-one sessions please contact us via 07527 852833 or via the contact page on the website.  For group sessions please see the events page.

A short video of the three step breathing space, a quick and easy mindfulness practice
A short video showing a comfortable posture for your mindfulness practice


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