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Workshops & Courses

Why Choose Mindpower?

  •       Workshops designed to meet organisations learning objectives

  •       Every workshop encourages active participation, stimulating and challenging attendees

  •      Each workshop is a mix of theory and practicals, learners leave with hands on experience they can practice after the      workshops

  •      I encourage everyone to take part, enjoy the session and to relax and be themselves

Workshops & Courses

Stress Awareness & Management

Stress Awareness & Management 

  • What is stress and why does it affect people differently?  Learn how to recognise what stress is and how it affects you, what situations are more stressful for you and how it can impact our health.

  • By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand the definition of stress, associated symptoms and impacts

  • Develop your own stress and worry risk assessment, including triggers, behaviours and physical symptoms.

  • Learn how to develop and practice visual imagery to develop coping strategies

  • Develop a problem-solving approach to stress management.

  • Learn two exercises to promote relaxation and the creation of space when stress starts to take hold

Workshop duration: 2 hours

Anxiety Awareness & Management

Learn how to recognise the way anxiety impacts our mind and body, learn how to recognise automatic responses to anxiety and how to choose a different response.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand how the fight or flight system works and impacts you as an individual

  • Recognise the cycle of anxiety, the mind-body connection, how to use the body as a radar and breaking the anxiety cycle.

  • Understanding the role of your thoughts in maintaining your anxieties

  • Learn exercises to help you overcome anxiety.  Exercises to promote the awareness of thoughts, recognising them as mental events and using an effective intervention when anxiety starts to take over.  Tension is a common feature of anxiety, learn an exercise that allows you to recognise where you are holding tension in the body and to effectively release the tension, achieving deep levels of relaxation

  • Create a ‘coping cue card’, identify an anxiety and create strategies to manage the anxiety in the future

Workshop duration: 2 hours

Mindfulness at Work



Delegates are invited to attend a 1 hour introduction session to learn about the programme and then sign up voluntarily.  This is followed by a 6 week programme of workshops, 1 hour per week with a personal commitment from delegates of between 10 – 15 minutes daily practice.

Week 1 – Focusing your attention

Week 2 – Observing the mind – body connection

Week 3 – It’s how you do it, not what you do

Week 4 – Relating differently to thoughts

Week 5 – Turning towards the difficult

Week 6 – Developing intention

Overall the intention of the course is to enable delegates to recognise their automatic pilot and habitual ways of reacting and behaving, develop the ability to stand back from their thoughts, bringing in conscious choice and potentially responding differently along with some understanding of how the brain works, increasing self-awareness and well-being

Personal Responsibility for Work Life Balance


This session looks at how your life is currently spread between different areas of focus and whether or not you have the balance that really makes you happy.  During the session you will have an opportunity to work out what you need to stop doing, what you could you start doing and how will you make it happen.

You will also start to recognise how, through making more positive choices in order to create balance you will also reduce stress and fatigue for yourself. During the session you will complete your own wheel of life, identifying where changes need to be made.  You will then work through a problem-solving worksheet to identify how those changes can be made and set SMART goals for achieving this change.

There will also be tips for prioritising your day along with general tips for keeping balance in your work and home life. By the end of this session you will:


  • Have a completed wheel of life

  • Have completed a problem-solving worksheet to address changes

  • Set SMART goals to achieve the desired change.

1 hour workshop

Exercise at Work

Get realistic, get active and don’t get stuck! Discuss the importance of movement and identifying one thing you can do differently.

You don’t have to sign up to the gym or spend lots of money to get fitter and exercise more this year.  Small changes can make a big difference, introducing regular movement, becoming aware of being still verses being active.

Monitor the impact on your general health in terms of both fitness and mental wellbeing.

By the end of this session you will be able to:


  • Build ‘planned’ and ‘in the moment’ exercises to restore a more relaxed and resilient zone into your day to day life. Committing to these as a wellbeing goal

  • Learn exercises you can easily do at work, either at your desk or in the work environment

1 hour workshop


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