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Stress & Anxiety

Do you struggle with stress & anxiety and struggle to cope on a daily basis?

Stress and Anxiety can be really unpleasant.

Creating feelings of being overwhelmed, unable to cope and unable to think of anything else.

It can make your head feel like its about to explode and can have a wide range of physical symptoms from a racing heart to sweaty palms, to shortness of breath and headaches.

And emotionally it can be exhausting with overwhelming feelings of fear and sadness.

When you’re in a cycle of stress and anxiety its difficult to see a way out and can lead to generalised anxiety where it spreads from the initial trigger situation to other areas of your life.

organise our lives very carefully to avoid coming into contact or seek safety at the earliest sign

Therapy Treatment

Working with a hypnotherapist can help you to identify the causes of stress and anxiety and work with you to learn new ways of managing and overcoming the things that are holding you back.

Working with a therapist will help you to identify the things that trigger your anxiety and teach you some practical skills and techniques to manage it.  And this can be enhanced with hypnosis, using hypnosis for skills rehearsal in session and using visualisation and imagination to experience using the new skills.

If you would like to learn more about the symptoms of anxiety and how working with a hypnotherapist would help, contact me via the contact form.  


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