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After a successful career in Human Resources in the corporate world I decided to retrain as a business coach and therapist.  I now work with a wide variety of people supporting them to use the power of their minds to achieve change. My initial training focused on nutrition, a lifelong interest, I studied and qualified as a nutritional advisor.  However, whilst studying it soon became clear to me that knowing what to eat and why is only a small part of the puzzle.  The mind, behaviours and attitudes to food are what really drives our relationship with food. This sparked an interest and understanding in what drives our behaviour, how the mind operates and how to achieve lasting change.  I still work with nutrition, supporting clients with weight-loss programmes.   I then went on to study hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, mindfulness and meditation and psychotherpeutic counselling which I combine with traditional coaching techniques learnt during my HR career and through formal study with the Institute of Leadership & Management. ​ I use these techniques to help people achieve their potential or to overcome the things in their lives that are holding them back.  Essentially, I will work with you to find the best way to help you do the things you want to do – or stop them of course, and in a way that you can maintain long term.  I find hypnosis and imagery, or visualisation work particularly beneficial to clients and regularly teach clients how to use self-hypnosis and imagery to support their own change and development. I still work as a trainer in corporate environments, delivering workshops in the areas of Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Stress & Anxiety Management and related areas.  I also now work as a teacher at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy where I can pass on my passion to other aspiring therapists.

Mindpower Today
How can hypnotherapy help?

As you would expect I am a firm believer, through my own experience as well as study, that we have more power than we realise to make change in our lives.  A good therapist and coach will help you learn how you can make that change and with practice and determination you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.  And honestly, seeing people develop and grow and start to value themselves and reach their potential, is the best bit for me.


If you would like to talk to me about how I could support you, the first step is to book an ‘insight session’.  This is a 20–30 minute session where we can talk about what you need, how I work and check we feel comfortable working together.  From there we can agree an approach and schedule the agreed sessions in the diary.


If initially you would prefer to subscribe to my newsletter and receive news about courses, workshops and generally helpful stuff about making change, growing and developing, then complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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