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Discovery Session

Discovery Session
Face to Face or Online

Do you sometimes feel you’re at a crossroads and not sure what way to turn? 

Or maybe you feel like you’re treading water, sticking with the status quo and not pushing yourself or realising your opportunities?

Or have you identified some areas in your life that you feel you want to work on, but you’re not sure how or where to start?

These are all questions that could be posed, and potential solutions and options explored, within a ‘Discovery session’ with me.

A ‘discovery session’ is a 1-hour session where we look at all aspects of your life currently and identify areas that are causing you stress, areas that may be holding you back, or are presenting themselves as possible opportunities to follow.  Once we’ve identified these area’s we will problem solve to generate potential solutions and options that you can take.  Once these have been identified we can start to make a plan together to realise these solutions and options.

It may be that by the end of this session you have a clear idea of exactly how you want to deal with your unique situation and the steps to take to achieve that.  Alternatively, If the issues are more complex, you may decide to book further sessions to achieve this next step.  Either way by the end of the session you will have a clearer view and positive actions you can take if you want to move forward with them.

My value to you

I will help you to look at your goals, opportunities, stresses and blockers objectively.  I’ll encourage you to be brave.  I may push you to move out of your comfort zone.  I’ll support you all the way.  

If you would like to discover a new phase, then contact me today to arrange your discovery session


Discover the power of your mind

Goals are important in life as they drive us forward, give us momentum and help us to focus on improvements in our lives.  There is evidence out their to support this too which says that goals are effective for four reasons (Locke et al 1981):

Having goals directs attention – keeping us focused and aware of the cues we are presented with.

Meaning that when an opportunity presents itself that aligns with our goal we are naturally tuned into it, we pick up on it more easily and naturally.

Having goals mobilises effort – monitoring and ticking off helps keep momentum

You may be someone who loves checking off their ‘to do’ list, I know I am.  If you don’t actually ‘tick things’ off a list you will still be aware of achieving things which keeps you moving forward.

Having goals enhances persistence – keeping an eye on the long term aim along with the shorter milestones.

If we know what we're working towards we have more clarity and determination to stay on track.  And when things know us off our path, it's relatively easy to pick ourselves up and get back on track.

Having goals develops new learning strategies.

Some things work, some don’t, but having goals helps us to explore new ways of doing things.  It encourages us to explore maybe in a different way from our past experiences.


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