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Business Coaching & Training

Training Courses & Workshops

Providing for the wellbeing of your employees is becoming increasingly important as workplace stress and mental health issues continue to rise.  All workshops are a mix of education and practical exercises and tailored to your specific needs.  Workshops are available in the following general areas:


Stress Management & Resilience Building

Anxiety Awareness & Management

Mindfulness at Work

Wellbeing at Work

Relaxation skills for managing stress

Managing Self-Talk

Introducing Exercise to your working life

Business Coaching for Individuals

We learn throughout our formative years from our parents, teachers, people who have influence on our lives.  Sometimes the learning is formal and structured and sometimes it is more guidance and the sharing of experience.

When we become adults we expect to effectively deal with everything that comes our way.  There aren’t always teachers or mentors that can help guide and coach us.  That’s where coaching can help you work through both your blockers and your opportunities to maximise your potential.

Through structured one to one sessions you will be encouraged to look at your life objectively, set aspirational but realistic goals and set a plan to achieve those goals.

My approach is solution focused, will allow you to recognise and draw on your unique internal resources and reach your potential.

If you are stuck and want to move forward, ambitious and want to achieve more or keen to break some less helpful habits and behaviours, personal coaching can help you.

Business Coaching for Organisations

Motivated, effective, engaged and productive staff, is that representative of your organisation?

Whether your staff reflect that vision or not, times change and the skills and behavioural make up of your team will have a direct impact on the success of your business.  That’s where business coaching and training come in.

Keeping your competitive edge could be dependent on how capable your team are to meet your organisations challenges and that is where business coaching provides a people solution.  Investing in key members of the team, providing them with structured business coaching linked to your organisations strategic goals will enhance your ability to drive your business forward.


Through investment in your organisations most valuable asset – your people, you can enhance performance, reduce staff dissatisfaction and increase engagement.



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